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Education: Bachelor in Fine Art (BFA), in Applied Art, College of Art New Delhi (l993)

Kyoto University of Art & Design, Kyoto, Japan (Associate Visiting Fellow- Japan Foundation Fellowship) 2001-2002

Awards & Honorable Mention :

 1. Sahitya Kala Parishad Award in the Yuva Mahotsava (l993) for Photography, New Delhi.

 2. All India Award from Alliance Francaise de Delhi in the All India Photo Competition the theme Tradition and                 Modernity in India(l993)

3. Scholarship Award from All India Fine Art & Craft Society(l997) for Photography.

4. Honorable Mention in the All India Art Exhibition, by AVANTIKA (A Group of  Indian Contemporary Artists) l998 for Photography

5. All India Award from All India Fine Art & Craft Society (l999) for Photography

6. Neel Dongre Award for excellence in photography by India Photo Archive Foundation in 2013



Fellowships & Grants:  

 1. Japan Foundation Fellowship for photography 2001

 2. Photography Fellowship from Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi 2005

 3. Senior Artist Fellowship for outstanding persons in the field of culture from Ministry of Culture in India 2017

Artist Residency:

1. Artist in residence, Eyes on Main Street- Wilson, North Carolina ( USA), April 2018


Solo shows:

1.  “REFLECTIONS’ Academy of Fine Art & Literature, New Delhi- April 2003

2. “REFLECTIONS & BEYOND” Gallery Studio Art, New Delhi-September 2005

3. AN ALTERNATE VISION – Gallery Rohtas 2 in collaboration with Gallery Nairang, Lahore, Pakistan, November 2006

4. SAFOTOFESTIVAL 2007 (Fotoseptiembre USA) San Antonio, Texas, USA 2007

5. “URBAN GAZE” Gallery Studio Art, New Delhi,- April 2010

6. ENTRAPMENT – Abadi Art Space, New Delhi-April 2012

7. India's Story of Triumph Over Polio & Rajasthan - 2 parallel Online Solo Exhibitions on Online Center for Media Studies:            VASA PROJECT, USA, October 2018



Presently Lead Curator for

 1. Curated an exhibition of 9 photographers "VISION BEYOND"  Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi - April 2007

 2. "A long road home" with photography gallery WONDERWALL- July 2007

 3. “A TRIBUTE TO THE LENS” M F Husain Art Gallery, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, August-September-2010

 4. UNNATURAL LANDSCAPES: An Exhibition that reflects on nature, Human Interventions and City                                        Environments ( 3 person show) Co-curated with Jose Abad Lorente at Abadi Art Space, New Delhi-September 2013

 5. “Just Another Usual day-The Prayer Flags” collaborative photographic installation project with 20 of                                               students from photographic schools in Delhi, Abadi Art Space- October 2013

6. "Burning Both Ends" A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Masood Sarwer for VASA-Project ( http://vasa-                            ) January 2019

7. " Swan Song of the Badla's" A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Taha Ahmad for VASA-Project ( ) February 2019

8. "In Search of Dignity and Justice" A Solo Exhibition by Sudharak Olwe for VASA-Project ( February 2019

9."Contemplating the Urban" A Solo Exhibition by Pooja Iranna for VASA-Project ( ) May 2019

10. "The Sound of Silence" A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Raj Kamal for VASA-Project ( ) September 2019 

11. " Chinese Dream " A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Ximena Echague for VASA-Project ( ) October 2019 

12." Portrait of Woman " A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Andrea Torrei for VASA-Project ( ) November 2019 

13." Peuple Indien " A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Jean-Pierre Duverge for VASA-Project ( ) December 2019

14. "CITY UNCLAIMED" A Solo Exhibition by Gigi Scaria for VASA-Project ( January 2020

15. " Beyond Words " A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Vaughn Sills for VASA-Project ( ) March 2020

16." Midnight Sun " A solo Front Page Project exhibition by Fran Forman for VASA-Project ( ) May 2020


Art & Photo Fairs:

 1. Singapore Art Fair 2007 with gallery Enigma Art /  Bhavna Kakar

 2. SAFOTOFESTIVAL, San Antonio, Texas, USA

 3. India Art Fair 2008, 2009, 2011& 2013 with gallery Wonderwall

 4. Hotel Art fair with gallery Exhibit 320, Seoul, Korea August 2010

 5. India Art Collective, India’s First online Art fair 2011

 6. "Re-imaging People of India"  Indian Photography festival, Hyderabad, India 2015

 7. "Re-imaging People of India" at the Armor India festival, Morlaix, France, April 2016

 8. Hindustan Times Imagine Artfest with gallery Wonderwall, New Delhi, March 2018

 9. Eyes on Main Street, Outdoor photography festival, Wilson, North Carolina, USA, April to July 2018

10. Eyes on Main Street photography festival  ( Resident Artists Indoor Exhibition), Wilson North Carolina, USA, April to July 2019

11. In Art Green Week Festival-Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2019

12. Photometria International Photography festival, Ioannina, Greece, May 2019

13.Photometria International Photography festival, Athens, Greece, March 2020


 Group Exhibitions (Photography) :


1. Yuva Mahotsava by Sahitya Kala Parishad (1991-1992-1993), New Delhi.

 2. Gallery Romain Rolland, Alliance Francaise de Delhi & Alliance Francaise all over India, Show also traveled to France (1993)

 3. National Exhibition by All India Fine Art & Craft Society(1997&1999)

 4. National Exhibition by Lalit Kala Akademy (1997 & 2004), New Delhi.

 5. National Exhibition by AVANTIKA (A Group of Indian Contemporary Artists) 1998, New Delhi.

6. Their Story (Delhi from the Eye of an Artist) by Gallery Freedom (l999) New Delhi

 7. 999 (A Group Show) by Gallery Vis-à-vis (1999) New Delhi

 8. Confluence 99 by Gallery Vis-à-vis (l999) New Delhi

 9.Vis-à-vis  Radisson Gallery (Hotel Radisson) 1999, New Delhi.

 10.Orissa Forum (In Aid of Orissa Cyclone Relief) at Rabindra Bhavan Galleries (Lalit Kala Akademy) 1999, New Delhi.

 11. 999 a group show at gallery Art Inc/Vis-à-vis, New Delhi (May 2000)

 12.Millennial Visions, a group show at gallery Arushi Arts, curated by art critic Mr.Suneet Chopra, New Delhi(Feb 2001)

 13. A Visual Duet(Two Perspectives of India)- A two-person show with Japanese Photographer Mikiko Shibahara at Lalit Kala Akademi, organized by Japan Foundation(April 2001)

 14. 999 a group show at gallery Vis-à-vis, New Delhi (May 2001)

 15. SIXTHAUGUST, (open space, A VISUAL DIALOGUE) Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Graphics & Sculptures in remembrance of  the Hiroshima atom bomb victims at the Garhi Artists Village gallery, New Delhi, August 2002

 16.  GANGCEY a group exhibition of young Indian contemporary artists at the Lionel Wendt Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka(July 2003)

 17. TOUCH – An exhibition of Art against Violence Against Women in collaboration with UNIFEM, South Asia, at Visual art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi- February 2004

 18. POLKA ONE, by Gallery Polka, New Delhi- November 2005

 19. National Exhibition by Lalit Kala Akademy 2006, Mumbai

 20. “Call of the wild” a group show of various photographers at the Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi organized by India Habitat Center & World Wildlife Fund July 2006

 21. Harvest 2007- Arushi Arts, New Delhi August 2007

 22. Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata, September 2007

 23. The Other Side- By gallery WONDERWALL at Stainless gallery, New Delhi, October 2007

 24. Artscape- an exhibition of 82 artists at EPICENTRE, Gurgaon, curated by Ms.Sushma Bahl.

 25. Click- Vadehra Art Gallery ( Delhi & London) , Curated by Sunil Gupta & Radhika Singh February 2008

 26. Gallery Mueller & Plate, Munich, Germany March-June 2008.

 27. Bajaj Capital Art House launch exhibition at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi September 2008

 28. Quartet Art galley, group show of Indian contemporary art, Asia House, London, UK –October 2008.

 29. Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore February 2009

 30. Art for Prabhat ( exhibition to raise funds for Intellectually challenged children) New Delhi, March 2009

 31. Group show to commemorate M F Hussain's 94th Birthday at Jamia Millia Islamia Gallery, New Delhi, organized by SAHMAT, September 2009

 32. Artloot by KHUSHII, March 2010

 33. FREEDOM – Gallery Nvya August 2010

 34. Black & White- Abadi Art Space, New Delhi Curated by Jose Abad Laurent Feb-March 2011

 35. Memories of Another day – Stainless Gallery / Wonderwall Feb –March 2011

 36. PAPER TONGUES: Curated by Ranjita Chaney at EXHIBIT 320 – April 2011

 37. Developing Delhi with Gallery TRAPEZOID, New Delhi – April 2011

 38. Looking Back to Look Forward, Curated by Sushma Bahl, Gallery Nitanjali 10th Anniversary show, Visual Art Gallery IHC, New Delhi-April 2011

 39. Small is Big ( Miniature art Exhibition) by Art Estate, Durbar Hall, Kochi, September 2012

 40.  The Blue Room, by Gallery Wonderwall & Gallery Stainless at Stainless Gallery New Delhi October 2012

 41. Parallel Cities at Max Mueller Bhavan Gallery, organized by Pro Helvetia ( Swiss Arts Council), New Delhi, January 2013

 42. Re-imaging India Curated by Aditya Arya, organized under Neel Dongre awards in excellence in photography ( India Photo Archive) New Delhi April 2013

 43. UNNATURAL LANDSCAPES: An Exhibition that reflects on nature, Human Interventions and City Environments Co-curated by Sandeep Biswas & Jose Abad Lorente at Abadi Art Space, New Delhi – September 2013

 44. Group Show at ARTSPEAKS INDIA gallery New Delhi- January 2014

 45. Group show at Stainless gallery in collaboration with Wonderwall on self-portraits, New Delhi- January 2014

 46. Group show by Earth Alive in Milford, New York, June 2014

 47. Tvak by Shree Arts at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi, August 2014

 48. Yoga Chakra, Curated by Sushma Bahl and Archana B Sapra, Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi, June 2015

 49. Clipboard- Durbar Hall, Art Center, Kochi, Curated by Shijo Jacob, August 2015

 50. Eye The Other Me - A group show of Indian & French Contemporary Art Practitioners at the Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Gurgaon Center- October 2015

 51. Fiber Fables: A collaborative exhibition between artists and Carpet weavers at Stainless Gallery, New, Delhi-December 2015/January 2016

 52. National Exhibition ( South Central Zone Cultural Center) Hyderabad State Art Gallery, Hyderabad- March 2016

 53. Photography on a Postcard, theprintspace, Shoreditch, London, UK -October 2017

 54. Aravalli Utsav, a group show on BioDiversity of Aravalli hills in Haryana, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi- November 2017 & Cybercity, Gurugram- March 2018

55. Exhibition in Aid of Kerala Relief - A4A Gallery, New Delhi, March 2019

56. " The Rejects " An Online Exhibition by Milan, Italy based Art Portal - July 2019

57. "Consumption" An Online Group Exhibition by Photography Magazine F-STOP, August 2019

58. 2020 Attitude-60 Second Video Exhibition-Beijing Yiyiling Art Space, March 2020

Coffee Table & other Book Projects:

1. India's Story of Triumph Over Polio: Coffee Table book to commemorate Polio Eradication in India, Published by UNICEF for  Ministry of Health in India 

2. Jar Jangal Jameen Living, Traditions of Chhattisgarh Vol 1: Coffee Table book written by Dr Alka Pande Published by Must Art Gallery

3. Reimaging People of India: A contemporary take on the first ever published book in India (" People of India " in 1875 ) by India Photo Archive Foundation

4. From the Canvas- Improving Public health in India: Published by Biotecnology Institute Research Analysis Council ( BIRAC ) and Global Health Stategies 

Books on Traditions and Culture of Rajasthan and Block Printing from Bagh, Madhya Pradesh yet to be published.

Done Cover images for Penguin India and Oxford University Press, India

Photographs published in "Click! Contemporary Photoraphy in India" by Vadehra Art Gallery and "Voices and Images" by India Habitat Center


 1. Had two presentations of his work with a talk at the Kyoto University of Art & Design, Japan October- November 2001

 2. Slideshow at Garhi Artists Village during the SIXTHAUGUST exhibition, August 2002

 3. Slideshow of work done in Japan to the Photographers Guild of India members at India International Centre in August 2002

 4. Work presentation at the Institute of Art & Aesthetics, Colombo, Sri Lanka-July 2003

 5. Ababi Art Space ( Coffee Mornings) in March 2011

6. Sharda University ( Department of Languages and Culture) on the occasion of World Photography day on 18th August 2017



1. TOUCH- Workshop on Art against Violence against Women, In collaboration with UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT FOR WOMEN (UNIFEM)

2. WESTERN GHATS ECO WALK By Sara Centre, Shivamogga Karnataka, Curated by Arun HG & Himanshu Desai


Work experience:

 Presently working in New Delhi as a Freelance Photographer, since 1995.

Work Experience: worked with major advertising agencies like HTA, Contract, McCann Erickson, O&M, Bates, Triton, Maadhyam, Lintas, Dhar&Hoon, Ambience, Arms, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Oxygen etc.

Worked on Clients like Park Hotel, Eicher, Bakemans, Pizza Hut, Kelvinator, Carrier & Fedder Lloyd Aircon, Pass Pass, Hero Cycles, Hindustan Times, BPL, Dettol, Nestle, J K Copier, Ansul's, IIS Infotech, Usha Sriram, Blackberry, Home Store, TGIFridays, Stic Pens, Archies, Helpage India, NDTV , Jindal Stainless & Art D Nox, Schneider Electric, Bikanervala, Barista, Bata, British High Commission, Made Easy Play School etc.

Done still photography for many other various clients including Corporates, Advertising, Publishing & magazines ( ELLE & L'Officiel, Interior & Design) & JICA, Global Health Strategies India,UNICEF, ILO, World Bank and other UN agencies etc.

Photographs Published in various newspapers & magazines in India, Japan & Sweden.

Photographs used for Human Rights Commission of India 2004 Calendar & UNICEF Annual Calendars.

 Special feature for “Reflections” & “Beyond Reflections” in SEKAI Published from Tokyo, Japan, Indian Design & Interiors, New Delhi & Special feature on series “Disarrayed Symmetry” in Media Arts & Cultural Criticism journal AFTERIMAGE published from New York USA, May 2009, Edge of Humanity magazine, March 2016

Done Still photography for a documentary film “ TEESRI AWAAZ” about the life of Urdu Poet Akhtar Ul Iman directed by Saeed Akhtar Mirza for Sahitya Akademy.

 Recently finished shooting for coffee Table books on Rajasthan & its Festivals for a private publisher  to release soon, “India’s Story of Triumph over Polio” on Polio Eradication in India, Published and released in 2014 & Ministry of health in India released in February 2014 and Recently finished working on a book on Biodiversity of Aravalli hills in Haryana for the Haryana Forest department in 2017.

 Works in Private Collections in India, England, Scotland, Germany, France,  Belgium, Sweden, USA, Pakistan,  New Zealand and Canadian high commission, Max Hospitals, Japan Foundation in New Delhi, & Visual Arts Gallery(India Habitat center ) etc.


 Visiting faculty (Photography) with Enterprise Foundation, New Delhi

Visiting faculty (photography), Wigan & Leigh College, New Delhi

Visiting faculty SKYLINE B SCHOOL ( Mass Communication & Journalism), New Delhi

Guest faculty at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

Visiting Faculty with Delhi School of photography, New Delhi

Visiting Faculty with Udaan School of Photography, New Delhi

Visiting faculty with Apex Institute of photographic excellence, New Delhi

Guest Faculty with Pearl Academy, New Delhi

Guest Faculty with World School of Design, Rajiv Gandhi Education city, Sonipat, Haryana

Guest Faculty with Fine Art ( Applied Art Dept )  and Print Journalism ( Hindi Dept )Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

Guest Faculty at Chang'an University, Xi'an, China


External Jury for photography at the Pearl Academy, New Delhi

Expert Panelist to decide State awards for photography, for Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture, and languages, Jammu in 2015.

External Examiner School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi 2016


Held photography workshops at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi, India Habitat Center, New Delhi  & CANON workshop for Canon cameras at School of Convergence, NOIDA & Cadence Systems India Ltd, Noida , Bajaj capital Art House, Apex Institute of Photographic excellence and Delhi School of Photography, Education Times Boutique 2015, Pearl Academy 2015, 2016, 2017 ( POWWOW)- New Delhi,  Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations , World health organization, Art appreciation workshop ( Photography) at Garhi Artists Studios, Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi