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I never expected that I would come so far at such an early stage of my life. Hadn’t I come to Sandeep Sir, this would not have been possible. Photography has changed over the particular course of time and is evolving everyday. In this evolving scenario, a good mentorship is essential to nurture the talent and guide on how to further step on the creative journey. My mentorship with Sandeep sir not only helped me to become a better visual storyteller but also exposed me to the various genres of photography. It shaped my style and work according to my way of seeing and understanding which I feel is most important to develop for a better sustainability. The Mentorship led me to achieve the prestigious Documentary Project Fund as well as the Neel Dongre Grant for Excellence in Photography. My work ‘Swan Song of the Badlas’ was published in numerous national and international publications. It also led me to win the Magnum Workshop by photographer Stuart Franklin and exhibit in various photo festivals across the globe including Indian Photo Festival, Eyes on Main Street Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival, etc. Overall the mentorship was critical enough for me to grow as a Documentary Photographer”. - TAHA AHMAD, MFA, Dept. of Applied Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia
"My mentorship with Sandeep Sir evolved my mind and ideology as a Photographer. I got exposed to the genre of Photo-Journalism which became my prior interest. Over the time I developed my skills as a visual storyteller and a photographer hunting for her own identity. It was the person to person mentorship which helped me to grow and attain a place in the photographic community. Working over my personal project since past 2 years I have exhibited in various galleries across India. My work on the mourning of Muharram also entered me into the prestigious Eyes on Main Street Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival , North Carolina, United States of America along with the epitome of Photographic world." – KANZA FATIMA, MFA, Dept. of Applied Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia

After mentorship, I came to know that there was a lot of room for improvement. Sandeep’s sir detailed critiques and analysis of photographs have allowed

me to strive ahead in my ongoing project which I have been working for more than 2 years. It pushed and challenged me to next level which not only helped me to find my own language & style but also shaped to become a better visual storyteller. Mentorship with Sandeep sir gave me a new perspective which redefined my artistic direction. Which is very important for any artist.
Sitting one to one for hours to pick the strongest pictures to sequence them for photo-essay.
It has been a year I have been mentored by sir and during that time I started to grow and evolve much way better than one can imagine and it reflected on my photographs. All I came to knew that good mentorship is very important otherwise one can get lost in the maze of talent.
- MD MASOOD SARWER (Photographer)


I have been a practising photographer for 20 years and have been teaching now for 15 years. I have a good experience being a visiting faculty with various institutes in the NCR region, New Delhi, India.


Over the years I have realised that there are certain talents that need more specific nurturing in the medium. They need one to one guiding and mentoring.


Even though I was reluctant initially, I recently and successfully mentored a couple of young and talented photographers, which resulted most importantly in a focussed direction in their work, a serious approach towards the medium and a growth neither of us expected. This whole process resulted in prestigious awards, national / international recognition and features in various publications around the globe, with their work and immense growth as photographers and an  a unique sensibility towards their visual approach.


After my recent experience I have decided to open my doors towards the one to one mentorship for anyone who feels the need of serious guidance and wants to take up the medium as a serious photographer.


I will take a very few handful number of students in a year, and only take up the task, if I see the passion and sincerity towards the medium, which I experienced with my recent students.


For this I will need to scrutinise and make sure of a genuine talent that I feel I will be able to contribute to. Therefore I will only accept any student, who proves his worth with a portfolio or an ongoing project, where I feel a promise.


My focus will be on developing the innate talent of the aspiring photographer instead of putting one into the path of blindly aping an influence. The main focus will be on developing an idea or concept visually. I can also help further develop their understanding of a good photograph, how the medium can be explored in many way.


Since this process is quite a tremendously draining effort, There will be a reasonable charge with added GST per hour. The charges can be discussed and agreed upon before the commencement of the mentorship. 

For people who are outside Delhi or even India, the mentorship can be conducted online through emails, skype, facetime and whatsapp. 

Interested candidates can write to me on the email ID's given on the contact page.