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I have been a practising photographer for 20 years and have been teaching now for 15 years. I have a good experience being a visiting faculty with various institutes in the NCR region, New Delhi, India.

 Over the years I have realised that there are certain talents that need more specific nurturing in the medium. They need one to one guiding and mentoring. 

 I recently and successfully mentored a couple of young and talented photographers, which resulted most importantly in a focused direction in their work, a serious approach towards the medium and a growth neither of us expected. This whole process resulted in prestigious awards, national/international recognition and features in various publications around the globe, with their work and immense growth as photographers and a unique sensibility towards their visual approach.


After my recent experience, I have decided to open my doors towards the one to one mentorship & Portfolio reviews for anyone who feels the need of serious guidance and wants to take up the medium as a serious photographer.

 My focus will be on developing the innate talent of the aspiring photographer instead of putting one into the path of blindly aping an influence. The main focus will be on developing an idea or concept visually. I can also help further develop their understanding of a good photograph, how the medium can be explored in many ways.

 For people who are outside Delhi or even India, the mentorship and review can be conducted online through Emails, Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp.

Interested candidates can write to me on the email ID's given on the contact page.

1. The mentorship will be on one to one basis for minimum 10 hours. The 10 hours will have no time frame and can be completed over days, weeks or months as per the student's convenience and the process of developing one's work. In case required, an extension can be made as per the students requirement. The hours of the extension can be decided after the conclusion of the first 10 hours if needed. 

2.Portfolio reviews will be by the Hour and the minumum is 1 hour. 

3. The mentorship can be offline by meeting at a decided venue as well as online as per the students convenience through video chats, voice chats and email exchanges. These sessions will be one to one critiques of the progress of project taken. In case you send images through email for feedback of your work, kindly consider it as 30 minutes for the mentor to go through  the images and make a critical analysis. 

4. There could be times when a session could go under an hour or over an hour, time can be adjusted to make sure that the student gets the complete hours as promised. Therefore the 10 hours could be completed in less than or more than 10 sessions. A single session up to 1 hour 15 minute can be considered as one hour. 

5. The student will have to show total commitment towards projects given and show regular development in their works. The student is expected to make all the expected effort to evolve with their chosen subject and process.

6. A charge for the Portfolio Reviews is Rs.1000/- per session and Mentorship is Rs.2000/- per hour & A GST of 18% will apply to the amount. An invoice will be provided against the payment. 

7. The complete amount needs to be paid in advance before the commencement of the first session. The payment can be made by a cheque or bank transfer.